Firehawk Remote App Reviews

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Literally Unusable

The app constantly cycles a Cloud Update Pending error even though my WiFi signal/connection is strong. The app won’t let you do anything because of this error message. In all my years of using smart phone/tablet apps this is the worst app I’ve ever encountered.

Only finds 30 presets in the cloud

Please fix the cloud search feature. It will only return 30 results, even if more are in the cloud. At least return the top rated ones or the ones for Firehawk at the top. Instead, you just get random tones.

Can’t change my presets

Everything was working fine until the app somehow just didn’t want to connect with my firehawk. I can’t change anything now.

Constantly disconnects

I bought a brand new iPad to work with this app and my Firehawk pedal, and for a while it did. But as soon as I updated to iOS 11 the app started dropping the Bluetooth connection when using the music playback function. Any time you try to rewind or go to the next track it drops the connection to the pedal and the music stops playing through it. It’s basically unusable as a practice tool, which is what I bought it for. And Line 6 is very slow to update the program. I can’t believe they take so long. I have other music apps from Moog, etc. that get updated a lot more often. Pretty disappointing support for this expensive pedal. UPDATE: I find that when trying to switch the pedal presets (ABCD) when connected to an iPad that the pedal freezes and the Bluetooth and app disconnects. I am then unable to switch the pedal again until it reconnects to the iPad. I have the latest iOS and firmware on the pedal. What a waste of money. Don’t think I’ll be buying any more Line6 gear.

Awesome effect pedal!!

My wife just got this pedal for me for my b-day a week ago..and so far I love this pedal..five stars for me!!!..but the looper seems to lag..please fix the looper..there seems to be a noise when I want to loop. Update?

Amazing platform

This wireless app is one of the reason why I bought the unit. The platform is very well done. The use of moving effects around is easy. The ability to adjust parameters is easy to see and appealing to the eye. The ability to choose effects, amps, and cabs is well designed. While some people have issues with the Bluetooth, I have never experienced this issue connecting usually in 7 seconds or less. In my opinion, this app is a great partner to the pedal and a must!

Great app!

I really like this remote app. Its easy to get good tones and really intuitive. You can fine tune with the controls to get exactly want you're looking for in your tone. Tone library is pretty cool and has a lot of tones to search for but I prefer making my own tones which is really easy and fun to do with this app.


I LOVE my Firehawk, but I would be overjoyed if I could manually insert how many Bpm's I need in the delay effects. This would be way more precise than trying to tap in as close as I can get. This seems like an easy fix, and would make my experience much better.

Fix this app

Poor and crap app looses connection and no save tones.fix this

Great app!

The Firehawk is not meant to be better or replace the Line 6 Pod series. It is supposed to bring ease of use to a multi-fx unit. How would like to never have to bend down to tweak your effects? I found this remote to graphically pleasing to the eyes as well as simple to use.


There is minimal documentation for this app. There is no direction regarding how to create custom tones, save, and name them. It might be a great app with poor documentation or just a bad app. I will call tech support and get some direction and report back.

Won't replace an HD500

I purchased this hoping it was going to be the iOS solution to my hd500 which I really like, but hate having to dig out the laptop to program. Unfortunately though the app loses connection to the firehawk constantly, requiring a restart of the app. Then if you're trying to manage the tones on the hardware you have to wait for it to load all the tones back into the app which gets very frustrating after its lost connection a few times. (I've used my air and air2 both loose connection) Instructions for the app are very vague, I'm still not sure if you can save a tone you're creating directly from the app to the hardware without messing with the foot switch. Doesn't look like you're able to program multiple effects to one foot switch either like you can on the 500, so if you want to create a lead tone with both drive and delay you either have to tap multiple foot switches or create a new tone. Unfortunately though when you switch tones there's a signal interruption. I'm not a line 6 hater, but this one falls short of what I was hoping for so far.

Loses connection

So I like what the app offers. That's most of the reason I bought the fire hawk. But the app loses connection way to often. When it's in focus and every time I minimize it or go to another app it loses connection. It's connected in settings but needs restored again. Pain in the but. Fix this and we're rocking.

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